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If you are looking to amplify your business, enrich your life and manifest the abundant life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love, then you are in the right place.  

Say goodbye to overwhelm, procrastination, and scarcity and say hello to productivity, unwavering confidence and the ability to manifest everything your heart desires!

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Want more Clarity & Focus?

You are overwhelmed with launching your business (or new products) and need insight, clarity and support so you can take action and make the best decisions to create a better future for yourself.

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You already have an established business and you want to maintain harmony between personal and business life while steadily increasing your lead generation. You want to build a more successful business, increase your sales and boost your profits while being efficient with your time and money.

Want More Strategy & Visibility?

You are serious about your business and its success. It’s time to align, design and scale so you can fulfill your purpose, create financial freedom, and provide massive value to your ideal clients. Fully tailored to your needs and pace for simplified strategies, process improvement, and effective attraction marketing all areas of your business.

This program has changed my life! Nicole has helped me see I am worth more than I gave myself credit for.  I now have the steps to set healthy boundaries and move forward,  creating better habits and improving my mind and body.

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Is Your Life Less Than Completely Satisfying?

There are 3 things that every person wants in order to feel fulfilled

A limiting belief:

Is a belief that causes your life to be less than completely satisfying

Is a superfood for your fears

Will negatively affect all areas of your life

Nicole’s program provided me with the tools and information necessary to succeed. I was able to identify the key issues and negative thought patterns that stood in my way of success as well as making and sticking to an action plan.

Isn't it time you became friends with money instead of fighting with it?

Most people don't realize how deep their limiting programs around money's time to flip the script from "hard and exhausting" to "easy and invigorating"!

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Discover The Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

It was freeing to find out the beliefs that I never realized were running my life.

About Nicole

“I believe that everyone can live a fulfilled life with profound spiritual shifts that heal and enlighten, creating miraculous manifestations of wealth.” 

- Nicole Majik

Nicole Majik is an accomplished leadership, empowerment strategist, and educator who has created a highly effective, life-transforming empowerment program: The Alchemy of Transformation®. With an interesting and extensive background with a bachelor’s degree in biology/Chemistry, a Master’s degree in Metaphysics, and experience as a Financial Advisor she awakens your true potential by erasing limiting beliefs and showing you how to live a life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love.

She is one of the 1% of people who is equally left-brain and right-brain, called the “Golden Brain”. When she processes ideas and thoughts, it is equally logical and emotional, that gives her the unique ability to look at problems from all sides. 

What Drives Nicole

“My intuition and divine guidance, as well as my ability to see auras since I was a very small child, allow me to perceive many levels of awareness for a person or situation. As a scientist and metaphysician, I love igniting interest, passion and curiosity in people and allowing them to awaken their true potential and divine purpose.

I believe everyone can live a fulfilled life with profound spiritual shifts that heal and enlighten, creating miraculous manifestations of wealth.  No one should feel abandoned, alone, unsafe, unloved, disempowered and controlled by anyone or anything including your own thoughts!”